Simon Lai is a musical star. In just the past few years his accolades have included being selected the winner of the “Best Guitarist” in the Yamaha Asian Beat Awards.

Distinction in RockSchool’s Grade 8 Exam, 2013

Attended Freak Guitar Camp 2009 by Mattias “IA” Eklund, 2009

Best Guitarist: Yamaha Asian Beat, 2008

1st Runner Up (Ridge): Yamaha Asian Beat, 2008

Top 16 Finalists (Ink): Channel U Superband, 2008

1st (Hidama): Singapore Street Festival Taisen – 2007

1st Runner Up (Ridge): NUS Talent Quest, 2007

2nd Runner Up (Ridge): NUS Lime Magazine Jam X, 2006

Finalist (Ridge): World Battle of the Bands, 2006

Semi Finalist (Ridge): Yamaha Asian Beat, 2006

1st Runner Up (Audio Insanity): NUS Lime Magazine Jam X, 2005

1st Runner Up (Audio Insanity): Straits Times School of Rock, 2005