London Prestige Magazine – Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Cynation Rock Band is on its way to stardom. Their loyal fan base spans from Singapore, USA, South America and Europe. Not only is their success impressive, but they also manage to fuse into the rock music generation other influences such as Funk, RnB, Heavy Metal and even some Electronic music, bringing a fresh new sound. Authentic, honest, raw vocal and instrumental talent, and amazing are the qualities that their world wide fans respect about this band. It is the music that keeps the fans coming back for more. 

The band members of Cynation deserve all the success they have achieved. Cynation has four members: vocalist and guitarist Josh Mak, guitarist Simon Lai, guitarist Shah, and bass player Andrew Teo.

The band is recognized for their popular hit “Dancing Devil”, released July 21, 2017 and “Pandora’s Box” album.

Band: Cynation

Josh Mak – Vocals & Guitars

Simon Lai – Guitars

Shah – Guitars

Andrew Teo – Bass

“Dancing Devil” – Single of The Week

Dancing Devil” is an incredible song with beautiful and melodic arrangements with impeccable tone. It is one of the greatest guitar riffs in rock. The song is written by Josh Mak, Simon Lai, Andrew Teo and Shah. Drums are by Bryan Ulric, and the song is mixed by Jason Hawkins. The song is available on iTunes available on Google Play, Spotify. Dancing Devil debuted at the Top Rock hits on Collision Radio with DJ Cat in Ballarat, Victoria, and at the “The Armchair Head Banger” show at  THRS radio. 

Like many teenagers, Josh Mak dreamed about becoming a rock star, one day. Unlike many, he actually did become a rock star. Josh found his voice in Cynation with his band brothers, whom he has known since 3rd grade in 1994. Fast-forward to 2017 Cynation came back with a big bang the debut single “Dancing Devil”.

Vocalist and guitarist Josh Mak of Cynation talks with London Prestige about the path to Cynaton’s successful career.

Simon Lai, Andrew Teo, Shah (Photo by NADGE)

Exclusive Interview with Josh Mak of Cynation for London Prestige

London Prestige: What is your music background? Do you write your own songs?

Josh Mak / Cynation: Yes we do write all of our own songs. I usually come up with the lyrics, melody and basic structure of the song then Simon, Andrew and Shah add their own styles and interpretations of it. Its always interesting to see how the song evolves as each member adds his personal touch to it.

I think one of the reasons we work so well together is it we are all comfortable with our individual roles in the band and there are absolutely

No egos or fights for creative control.

London Prestige: How important is image?

Josh Mak / Cynation: Image is massively important for a band in my opinion. This is not to say that I think substance is of any less importance.

But image carries just as much relevance (maybe even more) as music for a band these days.

This is pretty much true of the entire entertainment industry in my opinion. It’s not about selling out or conforming.

It’s about striving to be the best possible artist in every single facet and image is definitely part of that.

I myself train almost every single day to stay in shape and that is as much a part of the Cynation schedule as music rehearsals.

London Prestige: What image do you think your music conveys?

Josh Mak / Cynation: Our songs convey the image of the lyrics. That’s what the heart of a song really is, the lyrics and the melody. Everything else is just there to serve this purpose.

London Prestige: Describe your style.

Josh Mak / Cynation: Our style is predominantly rock based. Although there are several other genres that can be heard from our music.

Each of us has our own personal styles but we are united in our love of rock music.

So we don’t really spend too much time thinking what genre we fit into. Rather we just write and play what sounds and feels right to us.

Josh Mak (Photo by Aaron Mak)

London Prestige: What are you currently working on?

Josh Mak / Cynation: We are currently working on our 2nd single “Go Louie Go” that will be a part of a 5 track Ep due for release in December 2017.

London Prestige: What skills/personal attributes are most important to being successful?

Josh Mak / Cynation: There are many skills that one will need in order to find success in any field. But if I had to name one, it would be a relentless determination.

It’s a risky approach as there can only be one of two outcomes. Success or failure, there is no middle ground.

It sounds obsessive and borderline insane but that is the level of dedication I believe it takes in order to succeed.

London Prestige: Which musicians have you learned from?

Josh Mak / Cynation: Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue are two artist I admire not for their musical contributions but for their vision and approach to the business that is music.

London Prestige: Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

Josh Mak / Cynation: We plan to do gigs after our new album release. At the moment we are focusing on finishing up the recording of our Ep.

We also had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by DJ Cat on the Collision Radio show in Australia.

We are incredibly grateful for such a privilege and most important of all, it was an absolute blast!

It felt more like friends hanging out than it did an interview so it can hardly qualify as work.

Andrew Teo and Simon Lai, Collision Radio Interview with Dj Cat, Melbourne

London Prestige: How often and for how long do you practice?

Josh Mak / Cynation: I don’t really practice much these days so much as I just doodle on the guitar and write songs.

When I first picked up the guitar though I would practice daily for a minimum of 2 hours and somedays going as much as 8 hours.

But that was really only for the first 5 years.

The rest of the band is much more hardworking in this aspect and still keep up a very rigorous practice schedule.

London Prestige: What are your long-term career goals?

Josh Mak / Cynation: There are many goals we have as a band but I guess the main thing would be the ability to write and perform music full-time.

London Prestige: What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

Josh Mak / Cynation: One of my fondest musical memories would be when we had just formed the band. We were about 13 years old and we got my dad to help transport drums from our drummer’s house to my living room. We had the shittiest little amps and used a karaoke mic for vocals. We were pretty lousy but we didn’t care and would rehearse for days, from dawn till the neighbours called the cops.

There are still some low quality audio and video of those sessions. Maybe one day we will release them just for laughs.

London Prestige: Is there a particular song or song that you have written that never fails to move you emotionally?

Josh Mak / Cynation: Yes there is one song that is extremely personal and emotional for me. But it is intended for the second album so unfortunately I can’t say more about it other than it’s title, 5 6 7.

London Prestige: What’s next?

Josh Mak / Cynation: As I type this we are halfway through finishing the second single entitled Go Louie Go. Its estimated release at this stage is end September.

Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

London Prestige: Your social media links…website… instagram ….fb..YouTube, etc.

Josh Mak / Cynation: Website:



Youtube Channel – Cynation Tv:


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Josh Mak (Photo by Aaron Mak)
Shah (Photo by NADGE)
Simon Lai (Photo by NADGE)
Andrew Teo (Photo by NADGE)



About the Author Simon Lai

Simon Lai is guitarist of Cynation rock band, songwriter, musician and actor. He has enjoyed success in music and Television. He is regarded as an innovator guitarist. He is also known for his acting role in Shin’s music video “One” and appeared in the Nescafé commercial.

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